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Hello and welcome to the Travel Section of BAYS.US
The travel section has stories about traveling across America and Around the World, the vehicles we use for travel, and tips on how to travel and enjoy.

Makes it easy to find hotels before you make reservations. Reserve hotels close to where you want to be.

New Game to play when traveling:

When playing the alphabet game or the “I see a color” game starts to get old, here is a new game for you to try.

Dogwood Bark

Requires one or more people, traveling by car, truck, motorcycle, or bus. This is especially good in the areas of the country where dogwood trees are plentiful. During Dogwood Season, when dogwood trees are in bloom.

Bark like a dog at every dogwood tree that is in bloom.  If you come upon an entire grove, it is difficult to bark once for each one, so bark freely.

Caution: For safety, if you are a passenger, in order to avoid startling the driver, please make sure the driver or person operating the motorcycle approves this before you start playing.

If that is more fun and craziness than you allow yourself, here is a fun game that is educational also, but you can’t do it while you’re traveling unless you bring your computer with you:

NAME THE STATE CAPITALS - Here’s a map to go with it.

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