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Motorcycles have been around since the days when the internal combustion engine was made small enough and people began to put them on bicycles at the end of the 19th century. Motorcycles have become an industry, with several large motorcycle manufacturers selling tens of thousands of motorcycles every year. Riding motorcycles has become a lifestyle choice, with many people in the societal subculture called BIKERS.


My Favorite Motorcycle Sites: also see Bays Biker

BIKERS - an online motorcycle magazine with motorcycle events, biker news, veterans resources, and listing for all women’s motorcycle clubs, associations, and riding groups.

Bikers Archives - backups and archives of Bikers magazine.

Biker Tee - motorcycle tee shirts with the independent biker logo

Bikers USA - networked biker community. Biker web sites that are verified as being run by bikers rather than Madison Avenue.

Harley Dealer - dreams of owning a Harley dealership.

HAWG - used harley-davidson motorcycles for sale

HOG MC - showcase of custom motorcycles by master chopper builders.

Lady Biker - harley biker lady from Wake Forest, NC who publishes Bays, Bikers Magazine, Biker Tee, Bikers USA, Harley Dealer, HAWG, HOG MC, Priestess.

Motorcycle Events - event listings from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe. Worldwide.

MRO - motorcycle rights organizations.

Priestess - women’s motorcycle riding coven. We gather, ride motorcycles, and conjure. Membership open to every lady biker who rides a motorcycles regardless of where and what she rides.

Toy Run - worldwide toy run sponsored by Bikers for Freedom Against Terrorism.

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