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BAY: a channel or category of channels related to a topic or subject (Internet).
BAYS: a grouping of categories of different channels, topics, or subjects (Internet).

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Our newest site at BAYS is AeroScore Hotels at HOTELS.BAYS.US:
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Our Hotels site now offers online hotel reservations in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, and now, Italy. Just in time for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

BIKE is about all methods of two-wheeled transportation from motorcycles to bicycles and everywhere in between. Hot articles: Lance Armstrong Steroids Accusations, Fuel Cell Motorcycles, and the failure of the Chinese and Taiwan to properly market the mini-chopper in America. Get there either using or

Article: How to Reduce Your Mortgage

Summertime and Anytime Travel Fun - Vacation Travel

How to Work with a Web Designer to get what you need. - Web Help

Hot Topics:

Damage Control is NOT Disaster Relief - 9/6/05 - President Bush appoints HIMSELF to lead investigations of HIS failure to respond appropriately. Grassroots

Is the Federal Government Completely Broken? All faith in the federal government as being FOR THE PEOPLE is completley destroyed as citizens are appalled at the slow reaction of the federal government in New Orleans both before and after Hurricane Katrina. Thousands waited for 4 days at the New Orleans Convention Center and did not receive any federal or state assistance whatsoever. They had to to beg for water to be airdropped. See Grassroots USA or any of the media sources and you will be appalled by the poor actions of the President, the Department of Homeland Security which now heads up FEMA, FEMA, and the Louisiana state government as well.

Sturgis Rally:
8/15/05 - This huge motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota has ended, but there are still many motorcyclists traveling home.
Motorcycling and biker sites: BIKERS Magazine, Bikers USA, Biker Tee

NASA Shuttle Missions:
Some people think it is too dangerous to send astronauts into outer space aboard the space shuttles, preferring to send robots, instead.  Meanwhile, scientists believe the explosion of a nearby star could cause mass extinction on Earth, and may have caused mass extinctions hundreds of millions of years ago. NASA.

Real Estate Bubble about to Burst?
August, 2005 - Experts say there is a possibility of the real estate bubble bursting. Some of these are the same people who keep making bad guesses about the interest rate. If real estate prices are going to fall, it woud be due to unemployment causing an inability of average people to purchase and keep their home, compounded by a decline in purchasing multiple parcels by the wealthy.
Real Estate Sites: Realty Home


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